How To Care For Tefal Products

Tefal products are some of the best investments in cooking utensils and tools you could spend money on. To make sure that you will be able to enjoy them for as long as possible and that the Promo Codes you used were worth it, you should know how to care for your investments. Pots and pans sold by the company don’t really need all that much maintenance, but the appliances can be more demanding.

What you should always keep in mind when caring for the Tefal products that you bought, however, is that they aren’t all that different from normal kitchenware items available in the market. As long as you’re not overly abusive, they should last for quite a while.

Wash Gently

The first thing that owners of Tefal products, especially those with Teflon coating should always remember is that the coating should be washed with care. This means no steel wool, no stiff brushes, no submerging in water right after getting subjected to high heat, and never put sharp objects on top of it such as knives or forks.

These are mistakes that a lot of first-time Tefal owners make, often at the expense of those they cook for. After all, a majority of people who prepare food do so for others, which can include children in a lot of cases.

A Mess Cook Wash Sink Kitchen Frying Pan

Use Properly

This cannot be emphasized enough; Tefal products are not indestructible. This means that they can burn, break, bend, or bulge if they are not used correctly. The pots and pans can still warp when subjected to quick changes in extreme temperatures, for example. If you take a steaming hot pot from the oven and drop it directly into cold water, it’s going to have consequences.

The same goes for leaving Teflon-coated cookware on an open fire for too long without putting in oil, water, or the ingredients. This is a big no-no regardless of what you are cooking and for who.

Store Securely

Putting away your Tefal pot and pans, electric grill, rice cooker, or utensils in their proper storage spaces is extremely important. You don’t want them to gather dust or start corroding by placing them in the open where they are subjected to the elements. This is especially important when you’re out and about, enjoying activities like Amsterdam Bike Rental or going camping.

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